BeingtherEducation was founded in 2021 during the most incredible health crisis of this generation, the Covid 19 pandemic. Two passionate high school teachers, Anthony Miller and Freedom Cheteni, knew there was a better way to educate students who suddenly found their schools closed. Overnight, traditional methods of textbook usage and in classroom instruction were no longer options. One day Freedom and Anthony were taking pictures of support pillars underneath a bridge to use in a math lecture when an incredible idea hit them: Let’s record this. 

From humble origins under a bridge, BeingtherEducation has grown into learning and explaining math and science through actually being there. Learning how circles make helicopters fly, to how paramedics in the ambulance use volume, real math topics are taught in the real world in real locations. Students all over the world can log in and learn about each location we visit and how their mathematics knowledge applies to real things in real time. We teach real mathematics while showcasing real career paths our students pursue every day.

Through our platform, students, parents, and teachers alike have the ability to learn why what they are learning is important. BeingtherEducation unlocks the little obscurities of  mathematics and science all around you, every day. 

Our joy and our passion comes from students discovering math and science in the world all around them. We make mathematics fun. 

We encourage you to come on this incredible journey of learning, gaining new perspectives and understanding of our world in ways you can only truly learn by Being There.